We bring in beautiful reclaimed barn wood from the mid west at very competitive pricing. Various sizes and widths available. Rough sawn & hand hewn material.



Getting into reclaimed wood was sort of an accident for me. Since I was a young I’ve enjoyed wood working, which led to my majoring in Residential Construction Management in college. Since 1998, I have been involved in construction professionally— cabinet making, remodeling kitchens, as well as building custom homes.

Then in 2015, my family moved into a home that had an open room we wanted to use as a spare bedroom. My wife suggested that I build a set of barn doors from reclaimed wood to close off the space. I found some old wood and went to work. As I built those barn doors, I was amazed at the character of the old wood and the history behind it. Each board could tell a story. The weathered and chipping paint, the misfired hammer marks, and the rusty and bleeding old nails captivated me. When I had finished, those two barn doors became a focal point of our house and have led to my building many more barn doors.



Since then I have been building almost exclusively with reclaimed wood, and now I am thrilled to be selling reclaimed lumber. All of my wood originates from old barns in the Midwest that have been painstakingly deconstructed and then transported to Arizona. I continue to be amazed at the character of old wood and the story that each piece tells. It blows my mind that some of the wood I have is almost as old as the country itself. I have beautiful large beams that were hand hewn before they had power saws to cut them, as well a mixed variety of century old barn wood. Please come check out my reclaimed wood supply in Gilbert and see for yourself the beauty of these pieces. You won’t be disappointed.



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2″ – 4″ Beams.

Most of these beams were originally used as floor joists. Meaning, they have been well preserved over the years of being used under cover. These beams make great shelves, side tables even large family table tops.

Silver Grays



The best silver grays come from the upper mid-west. 100+ years of bitter cold winds, rain, snow, sleet and even sunshine have all contributed to the coloring of these boards.

Silver gray boards make amazing walls and will not disappoint once they are installed.

1″ Material

This mixture of brown, red and silver tones make it the perfect blend of historic authenticity and modern sensibility.

Hand Hewn Beams

Handhewn beams come from before we had the tools to cut the beams to exact size. The tool that was most commonly used was an adz, a flat bladed ax type tool. They were amazingly accurate with the tools that they had.

These beams have amazing character and would be a conversation piece in any home. They are used as mantles and accent beams in your home.

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Rustic Valley Reclaimed brings in beautiful reclaimed barn wood from the mid west at very competitive pricing. Various sizes and widths available. Rough sawn and hand hewn material.

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